The Northwest’s Leader in Outdoor Advertising

Pacific Outdoor Advertising owns inventory throughout Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, Salem and surrounding communities. With over 1,100 dynamic displays, including traditional Bulletins, Posters, Wallscapes and large format digital displays, we offer unmatched levels of reach and frequency for your advertising message.


Located in a variety of NW neighborhoods and thruways, our outdoor displays are professionally maintained to confidently frame your brand message. In addition to desirable advertising locations, we have a team of seasoned professionals who can provide the expertise, service and attention to detail that your brand deserves. From concept to execution, Pacific Outdoor Advertising will exceed your expectations and deliver results.

Pacific Outdoor Advertising offers dynamic outdoor advertising locations throughout Oregon and Washington. With 1,000 faces in the Portland market & 100 faces in the Seattle market, we are the Northwest’s OOH leader.

3.6% Year-Over-Year Growth

Americans are driving more than ever & vehicle miles traveled annually continues to grow

18-64 Year Old Adults

Outdoor advertising reaches 99% of adults weekly, more than any other advertising medium

Consumer Emotions

Outdoor advertising generates the best combination of reach and positive consumer emotions

Full Attention

Outdoor advertising can’t be delayed, skipped, or turned off by viewers

In the Portland & Seattle Metro Markets

Pacific Outdoor has an inventory of 1000+ advertising displays & extensive coverage in highly trafficked areas

Have Higher Than Average HHI

39% of the heaviest commuters have a household income above $75k, 44% greater than the national average

Leaving Millions of Impressions Every Day
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