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Digital Billboard Advertising in Portland, OR

Eye-Catching Displays in High Traffic Locations

With their convenience, flexibility, and vibrancy, digital billboards offer one of the best mediums for advertisers to deliver up-to-date and personalized messages to audiences that command attention. Electronic billboards can be updated quickly and frequently for no additional production or installation fees. They can also feature live media feeds that add immediacy and grab the attention of commuters such as:

  • Live scores and sports updates
  • Live news
  • Time and date
  • Temperature and live weather
  • Countdowns
  • Twitter feeds
  • Short term offers
  • Staff or customer photos!

Pacific’s Portland network contains 21 digital billboard displays along major interstates, highways and roadways. It also contains comprehensive coverage within the Portland Metro area including Milwaukie, Salem, Hillsboro, Tanasbourne, Ardenwald, Gladstone, and Clackamas. Want more information on what these displays can do for your brand? Let’s start a conversation.

Digital Billboards Give Advertisers a Competitive Edge

Digital billboard Advantages

  1. Quick creative adjustments and changes
  2. No production or installation fees
  3. Striking color vibrancy and resolution
  4. Capacity for multiple messages
  5. Live RSS feed updates

A Nielsen study also recently reported:

  • 63% say digital advertisements capture their attention
  • 42% think digital billboard advertising displays create an image of quality
  • 36% take some action based on seeing electronic billboards

How Does Digital Billboards Advertising Work?

Digital billboards, also known as electronic or LED billboards, are large bulletins that electronically display and change content. Similar to a slide show, static (not animated) advertisements occupy the entire surface of the LED electronic billboard and instantaneously change every 8-10 seconds. While traditional billboards serve only one advertiser and require a crew to install a physical banner every time an update to your marketing message is required, electronic LED billboards can scroll through multiple advertisers, change creative instantaneously, and rotate through multiple designs throughout your campaign. 

Digital Billboard Scheduling

All advertisements are put into our scheduled loop based on the number of spots purchased and each ad receives an equal amount of time. Standard full-spot campaigns on our LED billboard displays are shown on a loop every 64 seconds all day and night with a minimum of 1,200 8 or 10-second spots every 24 hours. Half-spot schedules, displayed every 128 seconds for a total of 600 spots daily, are available for smaller budgets.

Pacific Outdoor’s Portland Digital Billboard Network

Pacific Outdoor Advertising’s LED billboards are seen by cars, transit riders, and pedestrians on some of the most heavily trafficked roads and highways throughout the Greater Portland Metro Area. Our digital billboard advertising company operates 21 digital signs producing over 2.1 million impressions every week.

Inbound to Downtown Portland

Our Inbound digital billboards to downtown Portland are located on Southeast McLoughlin Blvd. These electronic billboard displays cover south suburban traffic from Sellwood, Milwaukie, Westmoreland, Eastmoreland, and Waverly Heights Country Club neighborhood, Sunnyside, Happy Valley, and surrounding Clackamas County residents.

Clackamas County

Pacific’s operates LED billboard displays visible to traffic from southeast Portland specifically along Hwy 224, the Milwaukie Expressway, and Highway 212. Using these displays, advertisers are able to target traffic commuting in the Clackamas County area, including Clackamas Town Center and just west of the I-205 access points.

Interstate 205

Target commuters as they head north on I-205 towards the airport, all East Portland suburbs, and Washington State University. These LED electronic billboard displays are located near the Clackamas Town Center and Promenade, and the busy 82nd Ave. The on-ramp from Gladstone also catches travelers coming from a variety of car dealerships, Harley-Davidson, and Home Depot. Also close-by are major shops such as Macy’s, Simply Mac, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, and Century Cinemas.

Highway 26

Pacific offers digital billboard advertising that targets the congested east and westbound traffic along Hwy 26 from central Portland and towards the suburbs of Hillsborough, Beaverton, Oak Hills, Bethany, Tanasbourne Town Center, as well as most major coastal cities. These displays are also located near Nike and Intel headquarters.

Tualatin Valley Highway

These digital billboard advertising displays cover Canyon Road and TV 8 Highway also known as Tualatin Valley Hwy, which connects downtown Portland with the west suburbs. Our network here is able to target eastbound and westbound traffic headed toward Beaverton, Hillsborough, as well as the headquarters for Intel and Nike. Hwy 8 also hosts over 20 miles of retail, grocery stores, and restaurants. Advertisers will be able to target commuters as they travel to points of interest like Ron Tonkin Field, Hillsboro Airport, Washington County Fairgrounds, as well as numerous golf courses.

Chemawa Area

Pacific Outdoor Advertising’s LED billboard display in the Chemawa area is along I-5 targeting heavy traffic headed to and from the Portland Metro and Salem areas. Two of these electronic billboards are positioned to target traffic headed southbound on I-5 to downtown Salem (home of Oregon’s capital) from Keizer Station, the major shopping destination in this area, featuring national restaurant chains and retailers such as Target, Lowe’s, REI, Outlet shops and many more. These LED electronic billboards are also seen by a heavy amount of tourist and college student/alumni traffic as they head southbound toward Albany, Corvallis (home to Oregon State University), Eugene (home to the University of Oregon), and the Southern Oregon communities. The south facing right-hand-read digital billboard targets traffic headed back toward metro Portland on I-5 from Salem, Albany, Corvallis, Eugene and areas around Salem and in southern Oregon.

Lancaster Drive

This digital billboard unit is located on Lancaster Drive, Salem’s busiest arterial and a major north-south commuter road paralleling the east side of I-5 in Salem. The LED electronic billboard is also located near the popular Lancaster Mall. Positioned between Market St. and Center St, which directs traffic to downtown and Willamette University, it targets traffic to Oregon State Hospital, public parks, golf courses, and Salem Municipal Airport.

12th Street

This unit located on 12th Street in downtown Salem targets commuters, business travelers, law makers, and daily commuters going to and from the state Capitol and accessing nearby retail shops, restaurants and office complexes. This LED billboard is also near Willamette University, Salem Hospital and numerous city parks.

Getting Started

Digital billboard advertising campaigns are typically booked on a four week basis with the average contract lasting 6 months. Rates are quoted on an individual basis and your final cost will be dependent on the location of your digital billboard(s), time or year, length of contract, and the number of electronic billboards booked. Contact our Portland office for a specific quote based on your individual needs and requests.

Ready to Improve Your Marketing in Portland? 

Pacific Outdoor Advertising’s team of experienced professionals and extensive network of eye-catching digital billboards in Portland will get your brand’s message in front of millions of people in the Portland Metro area. Please contact us and one of our experienced sales professionals will consult with you to create the digital billboard advertising campaign that best fits your budget and goals.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Pacific Outdoor Advertising is a top notch company in all facets of the business. The team demonstrates a strong collaborative and innovative spirit by using forward-thinking strategies. It’s clear that Pacific Outdoor prides themselves for being detail-oriented, organized and always open to constructive feedback, making our business relationship effortless. It is a true pleasure to work with such a talented and trusted team.
Jennifer Varallo
Beach Body on Demand
In the ten years we’ve worked with them they’ve provided phenomenal customer service, responsiveness to requests and come up with some great ideas. They make the process of changing our campaigns easy. They have a tight team who work closely together and with the clients. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.
Liz Acosta
The Emery Group
The professionals at Pacific Outdoor have played a critical role in implementing various Outdoor strategies. They presented us a turnkey experience that delivers the results we expect for our clients. They managed the entire process from creative and production, inventory recommendations, installation and proof of performance. Pacific Outdoor has also demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times.
Tim Graham
Alpine Marketing
Our Pacific Outdoor salesperson provides outstanding customer service and support while making us feel like a priority. Pacific Outdoor makes the process so easy and is willing to work with us on budget and timeframes for our campaigns.
Colleen Drennen
Dr. Martens AirWair USA
I've worked with Pacific Outdoor for nearly a decade using outdoor media to create leadership positions for our client's brands. I've always felt they understood what we're trying to achieve, bringing expertise and creative solutions to help us succeed. Good people all around.
Curtis Costner
Sands Costner
Pacific Outdoor took the time to understand our clients changing needs and strategies as people's daily lives began to shift. They helped us to manage the entire process from production, inventory recommendations, installation and proof of performance. Our Pacific Outdoor salesperson was quick to respond and always accessible. Our program was seamless and our campaign generated results. Pacific Outdoor demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times.
Andrea Mitchell
BPN Inc.
Pacific Outdoor demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times. You guys were great in offering us the bonus locations and have always been very supportive of staying within my budget.
Angelika Neumann
Neumann Media
Pacific Outdoor takes the time to understand our needs and goes above and beyond to execute an excellent outdoor advertising campaign. They constantly put their best foot forward accommodating and quickly addressing all last minute requests and changes. During these unforeseen/challenging times, Pacific was a true partner, offering clients creative solutions and making whole on commitments.
Glynnis Reilly
Horizon NY
Pacific Outdoor put a cost effective and highly visible campaign together for me that brought immediate customer and employee feedback, everyone mentioned the billboards!
Laura Szczes
Double Z Media