Pacific Outdoor Advertising was established in Portland in 2016 by a group of private investors with long, successful histories in Outdoor Advertising. Previously a branch of Clear Channel Outdoor, Pacific Portland offers full DMA coverage from Vancouver, Washington to Salem, Oregon.


Known by nicknames such as Rose City and Bridgetown, Portland is a unique and thriving city. Beautiful parks, world-renowned restaurants, and countless craft breweries are just some of the draws that make Portland a desirable destination for both relocation and tourism.


With robust growth and development, Portland now has the twelfth worst traffic in the country and lengthening commute times. Pacific Outdoor offers over 1000 displays including static and digital Bulletins, Posters, Premiere Wraps and Wallscapes. From crowded urban freeways to small suburban neighborhoods, our inventory has the ability to reach specific demographics and target audiences while they are commuting throughout the Portland Metro.

Portland Bulletins

Varied Sizes

  • Positioned in heavy traffic locations such as expressways & major intersections
  • Effective messaging that targets daily commuters over an extended period of time
  • Massive scale that commands viewer attention & brand awareness
Portland Eco Posters

10' 5'' H x 22' 8'' W

  • Targets specific audiences demographically and geographically
  • Creates rapid top-of-mind awareness
  • Maximizes brand visibility, which is ideal for new products & service introductions
Portland Premium Posters

10' 5'' H x 22' 8'' W

  • An exclusive, innovative new product that offers longevity and flexibility
  • Heavily saturated ink provides beautiful, dynamic color
  • Long lasting material may be rotated between locations & reused at later dates
Portland Wallscapes

Varied Sizes

  • Unique sizes & dramatic locations create spectacular landmarks near high traffic areas
  • Capable of dynamic effects & unusual executions that promote maximum brand exposure
  • Visible to pedestrians, bicyclists, and other traffic in the heart of downtown Portland
Portland Digital Bulletins

14' H x 48' W

  • 8 – 10 second ad rotation offers maximum distribution & quick visibility
  • Allows for frequent creative updates with no added production costs
  • Capable of streaming dynamic content in real time
Portland Digital Posters

12' H x 24' W

  • 8- 10 second ad spots rotate continuously – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Live-data streaming can be used to showcase events, local weather & traffic updates
  • Allows for rotating ad messaging and unique creative possibilities
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